Energy and water resources

We have developed a range of energy and water resources to help change community attitudes and behaviours regarding efficient water and energy use throughout Queensland.


Being Waterwise is important: it saves water, money and the environment.

We have developed Waterwise resources and curriculum units to support students who are learning about sustainable living.

Read the Waterwise educational resources.

Browse our range of Waterwise resources for the community, including resources for local governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Read the Waterwise community resources


Energy and water

Our Water and energy activity book has been designed as a fun resource for understanding energy and water in the community. It contains general information about how to save energy and water, plus kids' activities.

Download and print the water and energy activity pack (PDF, 3.4MB).

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is made from resources nature can replace (e.g. wind, water and sunshine).

See how many energy facts you can answer correctly using this fun resource.

Download and print the renewable energy chatterbox (PDF, 152KB).