Natural sciences - education modules

Teaching students about sustainable environmental and natural resource management is essential to Queensland's future economic growth, environmental wellbeing and social development.

Teachers of primary school students may want to use these modules, which are aimed at both the Science and Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) strands.

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Catchment management

This level 5 science module covers:

  • good versus poor catchment management
  • trees and water tables
  • monitoring water quality
  • planning a model catchment basin.

Land management

A level 6 science module where students learn about and investigate the potential consequences of land management practices on soil health, biodiversity, and water quality within catchments.

Water cycles and catchments

This level 3 science module covers water catchments and the role of trees in the water cycle, and activities include testing water quality and measuring the health of a river.


This level 2, 3, 4, and 5 module introduces students to the important functions that dung beetles perform by rapidly returning animal manure to the soil, including:

  • recycling nutrients
  • promoting pasture growth
  • improving the quality of run-off from pastures
  • reducing fly-breeding habitat.