Extra tuition

If you think your child may need some extra help, you should first talk to school staff. Your child's teacher or school guidance officer may be able to help.

If you decide to engage a tutor, choose carefully. Some children don't respond well to tutoring. Your tutor should be someone who can communicate well with your child, not necessarily the most qualified.

Find things you can do to help your child learn.

School resources


Ask your child's teachers:

  • Are they aware of your child's difficulties?
  • Is the weakness in all areas or just 1 subject?
  • Can the school help?

Guidance officers

Guidance officers provide counselling services to students. They identify barriers to learning and help with support programs.

Read more about how a guidance officer can help.

Contact your school to arrange a meeting with a guidance officer.

How do I find a tutor?



  • search the internet for 'school tutor' and your town or suburb.

How do I make sure a tutor is suitable?

Contact potential tutoring services. To choose the best tutor for your child, you should ask:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they belong to an industry body such as the Australian Tutoring Association?
  • Can they give you the name of any other parents to talk to about their services?
  • Have the tutors been interviewed face to face by the tutoring service?
  • Are the tutors trained in the subject area you need?
  • Can you visit the tutoring location?
  • Does the tutor have a blue card?

Learning resources

Find extra learning resources helping to support students with their education.