Tune into warnings!

Emergency Services use a range of methods to warn the community about severe weather and other emergencies that require preparation and action at the household level.

When warnings are issued you may be directed to:

  • Finalise preparations
  • Secure items around your home
  • Activate your Emergency Plan
  • Shelter in place, or
  • Commence evacuation to your predetermined safer location

Warnings are urgent—you will need to act immediately on the information provided.

1. Tune in:

  • Tune your battery powered radio to your local radio station to listen for weather and warning updates.
  • Turn your television to your local station to watch and listen for warning updates.

2. Go to:

3. Listen out:

  • For the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) used at the beginning of serious warnings.
  • For Emergency Alert voice messages to your landline and text messages to your mobile telephone.
  • For local community safety announcements (radio and television) for updates.
  • For sirens and loud—hailer announcements, that Emergency Services may use in certain circumstances.
  • For Emergency Services personnel who may door—knock your area to pass on warnings.

4. and Act:

  • Act immediately on the advice provided
  • Ensure all householders are aware of the warning and advice provided. Check on neighbours and friends who may need special assistance
  • Activate your Household Emergency Plan
  • Locate and collect your Emergency Kit
  • Activate your evacuation arrangements if required.
  • More information on weather warnings:
  • Queensland Tropical Cyclone Warnings 1300 659 212
  • Queensland Land Weather and Flood Warnings 1300 659 219
  • Queensland Coastal Marine Warnings 1300 360 427
  • Queensland General Warnings    1900 969 922 (call cost $0.77 per minute incl GST. Mobile and  payphone calls extra)
  • Australian Tsunami Threat Information (1300 TSUNAMI)—1300 878 6264

Emergency Alert. Be Warned. Be Informed.

Emergency Alert is a telephone warning system that authorities can use to provide warnings to communities.

Emergency Alert can be used to send voice alerts via landline telephones based on the location of the handset, and test alerts to mobile phones based on the billing address.

It is for use in a range of emergency situations, including extreme weather events and bushfires. You are not charged and will not have to pay for the alert. Importantly, you cannot opt out of receiving emergency alerts.

If you receive an Emergency Alert, you need to listen carefully to the advice provided and act immediately. You may be directed to finalise preparations, secure items around your home, shelter in place or commence evacuation to your predetermined safer location. For more information, visit the Disaster website.

stop & listen: Standard Emergency Warning Signal

When warnings are issued for major emergencies, relevant authorities may use the Standard Emergency  Warning Signals (SEWS) prior to providing information on the emergency.

SEWS is a wailing siren sound used throughout Australia for serious emergency events such as severe cyclone, bushfire, flood and storm.

When you hear the signal on radio, television or over the phone via Emergency Alert messages, pay careful attention to the information that follows and act immediately on the advice given.

Listen to the SEWS

Emergency contact information

Police—Fire—Ambulance Triple Zero (000) (112 from mobiles)

Bureau of Meteorology

QLD General Warnings1900 969 922
(call cost $0.77 per minute incl GST. Mobile and payphone calls extra)
QLD Tropical Cyclone Warnings1300 659 212
QLD Land Weather and Flood Warnings1300 659 219
QLD Coastal Marine Warnings1300 360 427
Australian Tsunami Threat Information1300 TSUNAMI
1300 878 6264


ABC Local Radio
ABC Local Radio Frequency Finder
Commercial Radio Australia (CRA)

Government, health, education, roads

Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS)
Local Government Directory
Health & Hospitals13 HEALTH
(13 43 25 84)
Road Closures13 19 40


Downed power lines—South East QueenslandEnergex: 13 19 62
All other QueenslandErgon Energy: 13 16 70
Supply and outages—South East QueenslandEnergex: 13 62 62 
All other QueenslandErgon Energy: 13 22 96 


Telstra132 203
Optus133 937

Animals and wildlife

Wildlife Hotline1300 130 372 
RSPCA1300 852 188
Disease Watch Hotline (report Animal Diseases)1800 675 888
Lost / missing animals

Tune in, log on, listen, and act